Power of Music

Joyful Memories is a music program designed to create connections with older adults at all levels of health using the power of music. Various research shows that the areas of the brain that store musical memories are the last to deteriorate. This explains why individuals who rarely speak may spontaneously sing when a familiar song is played and those who experience trouble walking may be motivated to stand and dance in place. Music can help organize the brain, which can be beneficial to clients with dementia.

Joyful Memories is an interactive singalong activity delivered in a group format or as a personalized program one on one in the client’s home. During a Joyful Memories music program, there are observable effects such as singing, foot tapping, clapping and dance. Music has other benefits as well. It can help elevate mood, increase socialization and reduce agitation. These effects are attributed to the stimulation the brain receives during a music session – a sort of “cognitive workout.” The power of music can also inspire and encourage movement. Positive outlets for emotional expression are critical to maintaining quality of life. Music is conducive to keeping strong social connections with others. This powerful medium can be used by everyone to stimulate the brain, manage stress and anxiety and enhance quality of life.

Joyful Memories On Soundcloud

Joyful Memories Playlists on Soundcloud – Steve Toll, music and dementia care expert for ComForCare and At Your Side Home Care, has recorded familiar songs designed for older adults and their caregivers. Once you start your free account simply search for “Joyful Memories Steve Toll”

Joyful Memories

ComForCare/At Your Side’s understanding of the power of music inspired us to create the Joyful Memories program which embraces the therapeutic benefits of music for all. We focus our attentions on age related conditions and diseases which affect cognitive and physical abilities, with special attention given to our clients with dementia.

The Joyful Memories Story

Joyful Memories in the Home

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